Which Gender is Better at Gambling?

Which Gender is Better at Gambling?

The age-old stereotype of men being more superior than women in gambling has been around for longer than we know, but what is the reality behind these beliefs?

Let us take a look at the numbers first. Although women have been historically discouraged from gambling, the numbers show that women visit online gaming sites at a disproportionate ratio to men, with studies showing that they are 15 per cent more likely to outperform their male counterparts.

Studies also show that the average annual loss for men is approximately US$ 4871, while for women, the numbers are much lower, totaling US$ 3492.

Women’s playstyles are also different when placing their bets. While men will generally not hesitate to place a $100 bet on a game, women tend to be far more cautious and would not spend an average greater than $85, along with the fact that women also make deposits far less frequently than men in online gaming sites.

On the flip side, men have also been observed on average to play more aggressively but take far fewer risks when needed. More interestingly, gender-specific habits are not set in stone but often vary from player to player—men are observed to develop a strategy as play continues, while women have a higher tendency to rely on luck instead.

Gender Preferences

Gender Preferences

In short, it can be put down to simple elements such as strategy and luck. Studies conducted by various universities around the world on how different genders approached gambling yielded interesting results.

It found that men have consistently shown an aggressive trait of confrontation that manifested in their attempts to wage war, partly driven by an innate instinct to dominate their opponent with their skills while also constantly finding challenging situations to implement a gambling strategy.

Unlike their female counterparts, male players took things into their own hands and picked specific games that allowed them to develop and deploy a strategy to reap the rewards of technical and analytical play—games that rewarded strategic thinking were the male player’s preferred game of choice.

Many men chose games such as Roulette, Poker, Craps, and Baccarat; many studies and research papers, plus statistics created by online casino platforms, have shown that men always preferred table games, Slots, or other games of similar nature.

They take joy in all aspects of live casino games. From the simple act of betting on live tales, to the interactions during each game with the dealer and other players. But for women, their preferences and how they perceive online games differ slightly.

While women are also known to frequent casinos, whether physical or digital, the emergence and sophistication of smartphone technology have made online casino games that much more accessible, where they can choose any game they like and enjoy their time spent. Just like their male counterparts, they do enjoy the socialising that comes with playing at online casinos, but where they part ways is their approach to placing their bets.

Rather than having the desire to take things into their own hands, they simply prefer to play a game of chance and find out just how lucky they are in life, leading them to select games with a greater element of luck such as Slots, lottery, or bingo.

As the vast majority of women outright selected slot machines—the games involving luck—since it involved nothing else than a click of the mouse to trigger the lever to see if they have won something. And another complementary factor leading to a preference in Slots can be seen once-prominent female celebrities such as Paris Hilton began gambling and succeeded in casinos.

Is It All in Their Head?

Is It All in Their Head-Maria Konnikova

If we take into consideration the context of male vs female gambling in other more skilled-based games such as poker, then it would make sense to look at some real-world examples.

To address the question of which gender is superior in gambling, we can take a look at professional poker player Daniel Negreanu. Daniel is currently one of the world’s best with an amassed fortune worth up to US$42 million and contrasts that with Maria Konnikova, who is estimated to have a net worth of US$1.63 million. While the numbers may pale in comparison, they do not tell the whole story.

Maria Konnikova is a Columbia University graduate with a PhD in psychology, a television producer, writer for several magazines, online publications, and also the author of two New York Times best-selling books. That is quite the accomplishment, but how a player plays his/her hands using the resources available to them matters far more than a long list of accolades.

And this would make for an interesting comparison as Maria, being a PhD holder in psychology, may put her a little above the average female poker player, but her experience and knowledge put her in a position where she can highlight the distinctions in playstyles between male and female players.

“There are people who would rather die than be bluffed by a woman.” – Maria Konnikova, PhD in Psychology, Columbia University.

As noted earlier, her scientific acumen is arguably her greatest weapon that she has used to burn a big hole to many male players unfortunate enough to go up against her, with the main thing she noted being the ego of men that can sometimes be instrumental to their downfall.

Despite the male player’s ability to develop and incorporate strategy into their gameplay, there is no doubt that the male ego can easily undo all of their hard work, and not only that, cloud their judgment on taking the correct decisions as the round draws on.

Back to Konnikova, although she is more than capable of holding her own with the big fishes of poker, there are also many times that she ends up playing with the aspiring players, the hopefuls, who can sometimes be quite mean and aggressive.

Being at the receiving end of much in-game trash talk, the insight about the player psyche she has gotten from aspiring players wanting to make it to the big time has given her a significant competitive advantage.

“Once I figure out how they view women, I can figure out how to play against them.” – Maria Konnikova, PhD in Psychology, Columbia University.

According to her in an interview for the New York Times, the insights she has gained spending time with aspiring players and observing their mannerisms and tells have allowed her to exploit this gender bias to huge profit, noting that the male ego is such that they would rather lose their funds and throw self-preservation to the wind than to have a woman defeat them.

Both Genders Enjoy A Good Time At An Online Casino Equally

So which gender is better at gambling? There is no doubt that both genders enjoy a good time at an online casino equally, with each gender having their playstyles and preferences in terms of the games they choose to play.

While the male gender can be seen as a relatively analytical player with a hands-on approach towards their game, they are susceptible to their ego and could end up being worse off than before.

Despite the general tendencies of women to play lower-skilled games such as Slots, or Roulette due to a preference for the higher element of luck involved; female players tend to have a keener eye towards human body language and mannerisms than men do.

In short, the natural advantages of men in the form of their analytical and strategic thinking can be negated by their ego. But for women, their superior ability to pick up subtle social cues can be the key to making informed decisions that will lead to profit. As both genders are equipped differently, the question of which gender is more superior can be more accurately assessed through their performance on the table.

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