The Greatest Poker Moments Of All Time

The Greatest Poker Moments Of All Time

The Greatest Poker Moments Of All Time

The Most Thrilling Moments In Poker History

5. Unbelievable!
4. Daniel Negreanu VS Phil Ivey @ PokerStar Shark Cage
3. Ronaldo Nazario
2. The Craziest Final Table in History?
1. Vickey Coren, Double European Poker Tour Champion

Poker is a popular card game that has been around for centuries. The game is simple, yet complex and exciting, and has a rich history full of interesting stories and characters. Here are some of the greatest poker moments in casino game:

Every poker game will have its ups and downs, no matter how many rounds have been played. And eventually, the game will produce some iconic moments that can withstand the test of time.

So without delay, let us dive into the greatest moments of poker, and relive the moments of the game that no one would believe if it was not recorded on video.

The Greatest Poker Moments Of All Time

5. Unbelievable!

In a reality TV show called Million Dollar Challenge, some may know as Millionaire Maker, came the incredible moment where amateur Mike Kowski bested all-time great Daniel Negreanu for 1,000,000 dollars.

Mike Kowski win 1,000,000 dollars

This is how he did it.

Mike Kosowski is a 9/11 first responder from New York City who was also a long-time poker enthusiast and one of the amateurs competing with others of similar rank. In a loser’s tournament, he beat contestants Luna, Barboza, and Trapp in that order; and the final opponent, all-time legend Daniel Negreanu.

Mike was very heads-up against short-stacked Daniel, where Mike called all-in with a 7 & 5 offsuit against Daniel’s K of 4 with 1 million dollars at stake. Negreanu then flopped a King which improved his lead but Mike then flopped a gutshot draw. Mike then rivered an 8 that gave him a straight and immediately won the hand, plus the million greenbacks. All Daniel could do was exclaim in disbelief.

“Unbelievable!” – Daniel Negreanu

4. Daniel Negreanu VS Phil Ivey @ PokerStar Shark Cage

During the 2015 PokerStars Shark Cage, a repeat of 2014 came true in an even more spectacular fashion. Season 2 hit the floor with a spectacular star-studded lineup, featuring many other poker greats such as Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Maria Ho, Jennifer Shahade, Andrew Akkariand, and more. It was not the same, but one of the most glittering final tables in a long time.

Daniel Negreanu VS Phil Ivey

No doubt that an exciting heads-up will be guaranteed as all-time great Daniel Negreanu and famed player Phil Ivey faced off against each other for the first time on live television.

However, the mood was dampened as only six hands were televised but the friendly in-match banter between these two fierce rivals added a touch more excitement to the match. And this is how it went…

Ivey: “Ok, son.”

Negreanu: “Ok, boss. Let’s play some poker…it’s been a long time. Have we played heads up before?”

Ivey: “No, you always get knocked out before me.”

Negreanu having a 3.2 million in chip lead at the starting final table was still not enough of an advantage to Ivey’s 2.8 million, so it was still anybody’s game. Poker is a game of spontaneity as it all unfolded when Ivey went all-in against Negreanu’s set of sevens 7-7 with his 9-8 gutter draw, where Ivey desperately needed a six to win. But on the river, Negreanu dodged a six, to his fortune, and came out on top.

3. Ronaldo Nazario

Ronaldo Nazario

This is the footballer turned poker player, facing off against fellow countryman Eugenio Mattar during the 2015 PCA event, everyone watching was delighted to see the former football legend make such a deep run into the event.

Not only that, but he also put on quite a show on the Big Slick, in his hand an Ace diamond and 2 Diamond—the Brazilian looking set for a flush. However, Ronaldo whiffed on his flush draw—it is like something out of a movie plot twist—but amazingly he managed to spike a deuce on the river to win the pot via a backdoor pair of deuces, beating Big Slick (A, K) by a narrow margin. Truly the most incredible moment in the PCA.

2. The Craziest Final Table in History?

As you would have imagined by now, Daniel Negreanu has become a recurring appearance in our compilation of poker’s greatest moments. In this instance, Negreanu found himself seated at what is touted as “The greatest final table in EPT in the world” during the EPT9 Grand Final held in Monaco.

Daniel Negreanu

The stacked final table included big names from around the world such as Jason Mercier, Jake Cody, Grant Levy, Andrew Panting, Steve O’Dwyer, Johnny Lodden, and of course, Kid Poker himself.

You can imagine how big that moment was already going to be.

In the words of Steve O’ Dwyer himself…

“I started the final table fifth in chips, got lucky in a hand versus Daniel four-handed, and ended up finishing third. I was happy with my play at the final table and can’t complain about the finish (3rd, €467,000).”

The journey was an arduous one, although he led Days 1 to 3 having a sizeable chip lead, by Day 4 he found himself sitting at the middle of the table in terms of chips. He was almost out and about to finish ninth when he miraculously, through a turn of luck, managed to make his way to the final table by the skin of his teeth.

In his desperate moments, the build-up to the river and with one 2 Spades in hand, Dwyer was about to get his gear with him when the turn came a 4 Diamonds; to the amazement of the crowd and Dwyer’s disbelief. Even more miraculously, came the river … a 3 Diamonds which now gives Dwyer a straight and puts him back in contention. The rest they say was history.

As he recounted on this moment:

“Coming into the final table, it’s so different to have been down and gotten back up as opposed to being up and having fallen back down when you are dealt a bad hand. In the latter case, you can be feeling like you have to get your chips back, and you can be playing differently as a result. But for me, I did feel like I was freerolling.”

1. Vickey Coren, Double European Poker Tour Champion

Victoria Coren

Our number one spot goes to Vicky Coren, the woman who can. She is one of the first female and only double winner in the EPT—a game of mostly men. She made history in 2006 when she won the EPT in London to be the first-ever female champion of the series, then in 2014, she went on to rewrite history by winning the 2014 EPT in San Remo to secure her second European Poker Tour win.

What the men can do, she can do better.

It all unfolded dramatically when she won her hand by beating out pocket Aces with a Queen and Jack, but her opponent Fundaro responded by turning a gutshot draw on a Queen-Jack-10-7 board. She then shoved the turn and Coren called. But it was meant to be for Coren as she was able to fade out Fundaro’s numerous outs where her two pairs stood strong and eventually held up to win the pot and tournament.

From the start to the end, it is a thrilling moment that made Coren’s two-time win that much more memorable—it is the first time a player has ever won two EPT Titles. In short, you can always do it if you put your mind to it since poker is a mix of luck and skill.

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