Football Bookmakers Free Soccer Tips : What is Handicap ( HDP )

There are many kinds of football gaming online bookmakers for you to bet, and sports betting is one of the most favorite and indispensable games to players around the globe. Now i8 is going to introduce you the most popular betting type in the sports betting – handicap betting.

Handicap betting is an interesting way for bookmakers to make a sporting contest more even. As the official definition of handicaps says, “a circumstance that makes progress or success difficult.”

To level things out bettors will get better odds than just win/drawlose but also have opportunities with different types stake sizes offering you easier money-making prospects by picking who has least advantages against whom–whether its horse racing where one horse is given a certain head start or in football where one side will be allocated a virtual goal lead. Handicapping can also add some spice and excitement to otherwise lopsided matches as punters look for value from the more heavily favoured team’s handicap. Ultimately, it adds an element of fun and unpredictability that keeps sports betting exciting, and if you’re looking to add a bit of excitement and unpredictability to your sports betting, handicap betting is definitely worth considering.

Sportsbook Gambling Platform Handicap HDP Features

Handicap means one of the teams give the other team a head start, so the team gets some virtual points before the game starts. After the game is over, these virtual points would be added to the practical points as the real outcome. Generally, the underdog gets a head start over the front-runner, and this form of betting is to make the strength of two teams tend to be equal. As to how many points will be yielded, sportbooks will calculate and regulate according to the strength of each team and other related factors.

By using HDP, the risk of gambling can be reduced. For instance, if one team is stronger in terms of players and past performances, you may choose to bet on that team with a handicap. This eliminates the risk factor involved because even if the favorite wins by fewer points than indicated, you would still get your cash back as the handicap has been factored in.

Another advantage of HDP is that it helps to diversify your portfolio of bets. This can be beneficial because it means you are less likely to focus on one team or game, which could prove risky if they do not perform as expected. With HDP, you can spread your bets over a range of teams and different types of sports, which can add an element of unpredictability to your betting strategy.

HDP also helps you to understand the game better and research teams more before placing a bet. This can help you in making more informed decisions when it comes to betting, as you will have a better understanding of how the game could play out and what the outcome could be. It also helps to minimize risk, as you will have a better understanding of each team’s strengths and weaknesses and how they may affect the final score.

iBET Sportsbook Game – How to Bet With Handicap HDP

Example of Online Football Handicap HDP Betting

To better explain handicap betting, we use the example of a FIFA World Cup match. Let’s assume, Wales is playing England, the Win Draw Win odds for the match are:

England $1.46, the Draw $4.35 and Wales $7.40.

The odds suggest an England victory is the most likely outcome. If the bookie then handicaps England 1 goal, the market would look like this:

England $1.81 (-1.0), Wales $2.14 (+1.0).

In this scenario, punters that backed England need them to win by 2 goals in order to receive the $1.81. The list below shows what score is needed for each outcome to be declared a winner under -1.0 handicap conditions:

England (-1.0) win – England win by 2 goals or more
Draw (-1.0) win – England wins by exactly 1 goal
Wales (+1.0) win – The match results in a draw or a Wales victory
By applying a one goal handicap, the oddsmaker has made the match far more even.


【i8 Tips】

i8 kindly reminds you that if more points head start is given, it means the disparity in strength between the two teams is wider. You can place your bet by taking your preference and take the given points into consideration.

Where to Play Handicap HDP Sports Odds

i8 has introduced you the basic Handicap betting type above, and you can experience it in i8’s sporting game room to enjoy the excitement. i8 is here to solve your queries and also offers the excellent sports betting platforms for you, including iBIT SPORT and 3 SING SPORT, to experience the interesting Handicap betting!

It’s important to note that handicap betting can be somewhat risky for inexperienced punters due to the potential for significant losses when one side or the other does not cover their given handicap. For this reason, it is important to educate yourself on the intricacies of handicap betting before diving in. There are a lot of helpful resources online that can provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions when it comes to handicap betting.

Finally, remember that handicap betting can be highly rewarding if done properly and with caution. With the right strategy and knowledge of the sport in question, it can be a great way to increase your winnings and add some fun to your sports betting experience! Good luck!

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