Malaysia iBET GO App New User Guide

iBET Malaysia Online Entertainment City has launched a new mobile application. Quickly download the iBET GO application, play your favorite online casino games anytime anywhere with only one click to open it! What are the features of the iBET GO application? Followings the introduction!

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iBET GO App Featured Introduction

  1. Multiple Game Types
    Thousands of market leading games including Live Casino, Sports, Slot, 4D Lottery and more providing players with the most complete one-stop Online Entertainment City.
    Multiple Game Types 
  2. Easy Deposit And Withdrawal Method
    A variety of deposit and withdrawal options providing players with the fastest, safest and most-reliable way to transfer funds creating a high-quality uninterrupted gaming experience.
    Easy Deposit And Withdrawal Method -1  Easy Deposit And Withdrawal Method -2
  3. Wallet Transfer Feature
    Exclusive Wallet Money Transfer Feature makes it easy and convenient to transfer funds securely between game rooms in the fastest way possible.

    Wallet Transfer Feature

  4. Biometric Authentication For Added Security
    In order to ensure the player‘s personal information and transaction data is  highly-secured, the innovative built-in fingerprint and facial recognition function greatly improves the data security while keeping it super convenient.
    Biometric Authentication For Added Security
     If You Want to Know More on How to Set up Your Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Function, Please Find Out the Answer in below Article…… Guide You How to Use Fingerprint/Face ID Login iBET GO 
  5. Professional 24 Hours Customer Service
    Customer satisfaction is most important. A team of highly trained and friendly Online Customer Service Professionals are always available to help you with any inquiries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a touch of the button.
    Professional 24 Hours Customer Service

Now You Can Enjoy Online Games Through iBET GO App

Are you eager to experience the iBET GO application? You can experience thousands of featured games through the application and get the

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